CyberFab Manager

The ultimate CAPP solution for
automating your production

CyberFab® Manager provides production management for MicroStep based manufacturing systems. In combination with the CAM software Asper® or mCAM it allows to automatically nest complex cutting orders and projects on assigned stock material and distribute the cutting tasks to assigned cutting machines for processing. After completion, it automatically updates order progress and stock statuses.

The suite also provides tools to control the complete process of manufacturing parts and assemblies in a single integrated system, by managing next operations such as bending, deburring, welding or others that are required within the same project. It helps to reduce the need for operator input, reduce work-in-progress and save material.


Stock module is dedicated for managing the database of stock supplies and materials reservations that are required in the manufacturing process. It provides an instant overview of available materials and material remnants as well as a history of materials used, including all production and economic data related to particular materials such as cutting programs, usage times, used cutting machines, related orders or waste calculations. The database is updated automatically after each confirmed operation.

Following material types are available:

  • plates
  • pipes and hollow sections
  • beams
  • domes


Stock module can be synchronized with/managed by north-bound stock management systems via CyberFab Connect.


Production module represents all production tasks and their progress. It includes database of all orders and projects dedicated for the MicroStep based production system and a product library consisting of produced parts and assemblies. Each part has assigned processing instructions to it, such as:

  • Nesting instructions (lead-ins, lead-outs, order of cuts e.g. for multiple bevels, drilling parameters, …)
  • Sorting instructions
  • Workstation operations, their sequences and estimated processing times


Production module contains the actual completion status of all active orders at any given time, and all information and documentation related to ongoing and completed projects.