Digital heart of MicroStep production systems.

CyberFab [Cybernetic Fabrication] is a suite of digital tools and apps that enable efficient operation, planning and management of MicroStep based production systems through automation and digitalization

CyberFab [Cybernetic Fabrication] digital ecosystem addresses the requirement for a comprehensive approach to fabrication machinery in terms of production management, performance tracking and connectivity within the frameworks of smart industry and IIoT. 

The core of the ecosystem is the new generation MicroStep control system CyberFab Control that works as an edge device for continual collecting, storing and evaluating of data in three main areas of CyberFab – Performance, Production and Diagnostics.

CyberFab suite provides digital tools and apps such as CyberFab Manager, Machine Manager, User Manager, Workstation Manager or Service Manager that streamline operator experience, automate production processes, digitize and manage production machines and enable seamless integration of MicroStep machinery into smart factory solutions.

Production managment

data powered production planning & tracking


trace the parts progress throughout
the production stages

Data collection

continuous data stream & edge processing


open to connecting external devices

Intelligent diagnostics

preventive & predictive maintenance based on big data analysis


integration with north-bound information systems



Measure, analyze & adapt: Get the most out of your machinery by utilizing real-time performance data



Automate and manage your production with CyberFab Control and CyberFab Manager



Prevent unexpected downtimes thanks to continuous auto-monitoring of your equipment
The power of overview: Monitor your production in real time to make sure nothing hangs
Need something for the record? Export fully customizable reports tailored to your needs
Integrate production machines with information systems of your company

CyberFab – powering and powered by MicroStep

CyberFab is developed by MicroStep, a leading producer of CNC cutting machines with own control systems and CAM software. MicroStep was founded more than 30 years ago by a group of university researchers and teachers with automation background.

CyberFab groundworks

In 1998, MicroStep launched the first ever Windows based control system in CNC cutting industry – this opened the doors to a functionality inconceivable before. From parameter databases and remote diagnostics through patented digital compensation of technological and mechanical inaccuracies to advanced production planning and automated production management – the emphasis has always been on digital innovation.

CyberFab genesis

2018-2021: within an R&D project supported by the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, MicroStep developed a proprietary digital platform designed to acquire, store and evaluate data for the purpose of creating digital twins of MicroStep based production systems represented as single unified cyber-physical systems.

CyberFab suite

In conclusion, all MicroStep digital tools and apps transitioned to form a multi-purpose digital suite – CyberFab. The suite powers CyberFab Control – the new generation MicroStep machine control, and makes it extremely user-friendly and efficient.

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