CyberFab Control

The proprietary control system CyberFab Control provides real-time control of CNC machines equipped with cutting, marking, machining and other technologies. It represents the newest generation of MicroStep control systems.

Excellence of CyberFab Control rests on 3 pillars:
Intelligent user interface
The intuitive and easy UI is fully integrated with CyberFab Manager to ensure high productivity of cutting systems not only with automatic, but also manual handling, nudging operators to uninterrupted machine utilization. Convenience of operation is supported by a 24″ touch screen and built-in parameter databases
Super dynamic motion control

Motion control is taken to the next level by introducing proprietary interpolation algorithms, optimized for high machine dynamics and fine contour quality. CyberFab Control thus ensures the best cutting results for the most demanding laser applications while maintaining a high level of flexibility that characterizes all MicroStep systems

Integrated digital functionality
CyberFab Control supports the CyberFab ecosystem as an edge device that continually collects, stores and evaluates data on machine production, performance and diagnostics. In return, CyberFab Control receives always up-to-date production planning, operation and maintenance data
Intranet applications

Each machine with CyberFab Control includes a transparent web interface with machine overview and easy access to its intranet applications. The following apps are available via intranet: Machine Manager, Service Manager, User Manager, Machine Stats, Dashboards and Manuals. Apart from apps, the web interface also notifies of actual service alerts.