CyberFab Control

Machine Stats

Machine Stats app provides comprehensive operation data for a particular machine from a given time period.

Built-in filters bring forward more detailed reports:
  • CNC detailed report shows selected events, such as rapid traverse movements, cutting, interruptions, error messages etc., that were active during the processing of a specific program

  • Machine activity log contains a summary of the machine’s operation conditions, error messages etc. The information can also be filtered by user logged in at the particular times

  • Technology usage report shows an overview of used technological operations with details of individual parameter groups that were used by the machine in a certain time period. For example, parameter groups for plasma can be straight and bevel cutting, marking and punching

  • Technology or tool components report lists consumable materials used on a particular tool station, for example consumables for a particular plasma source used on a specific cutting head, either currently in use or history. There is also a statistical option that relates the consumables to other data, such as technological operations