Workstation Manager

Workstation Manager module provides tools to control the complete process of manufacturing parts and assemblies in a single integrated system.

It manages next operations such as bending, deburring, sawing or others that are required within the same project:
  • operators on workstations downstream of the cutting process receive task lists based on the current state of production that contain instruction sets for their specific operations and also information on parts flow
  • tasks can be either displayed on a screen and performed by human operators, or directly interfaced to other smart equipment
  • all completed operations are logged to ensure the production database is up-to-date at all times

1. Work position: Sorting. A projection of the cutting plan guides the operator through the sorting process

2. Work position: Bending. User interface for a press brake

3. Sorting of cut parts with a visual sorting guide. The parts are sorted on different pallets based on their assigned production sequence